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Dump Truck

The cargo box of the dump truck is controlled by a hydraulic lifting mechanism, which can be dismantled or tilted to a certain angle for self-unloading or horizontal pushing and unloading. It is mainly used to transport loose goods in bulk (such as sand, soil, minerals, etc.), or comprehensive goods, mainly used in mines, construction sites, etc. It can be divided into special dump trucks, ordinary dump trucks and mining dump trucks.

At present, there are many manufacturers of dump truck modification manufacturers. When choosing a dump truck, choosing a manufacturer is more important than choosing a product. In addition to looking at the product, we must also understand the manufacturer’s equipment capabilities, the design of the top of the dump truck, whether the process equipment is mature, the after-sales service commitment, whether the accessories can be purchased, etc. The structure has a history of 40 years in my country, and the technology is relatively mature. It is suitable for the reasonable arrangement of dump trucks with a carriage length of 4-6 meters. The stress of each component will not exceed the bearing capacity of the component, and the system oil pressure is small to ensure each seal The service life of parts; choose high-quality hydraulic cylinders.