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    1. Dump Truck

      The cargo box of the dump truck is controlled by a hydraulic lifting mechanism, which can be dismantled or tilted to a certain angle for self-unloading or horizontal pushing and unloading.

    1. Tractor Truck

      Sinotruk Howo Tractor truck is famous for tough, strong, reliable and low operation cost, HOWO tractor head truck has earned a great reputation in the field of long-distance transportation in both China domestic market and overseas market.

    1. Concrete Mixer Truck

      A special truck used to transport concrete for construction; because of its shape, it is often called a snail truck. This type of truck is equipped with a cylindrical mixing drum to carry the mixed concrete.

    1. Cargo Truck

      The cargo truck is a self-developed product with its own brand and intellectual property rights. It is a new generation of heavy-duty trucks, using the most advanced manufacturing technology and top-of-the-line design.

    1. Used Truck

      Engine: 336hp|371hp
      Transmission: HW19712 transmission gearbox, 12 forward &2reverse
      Cabin: HW76 long cabin, with one bunk, safety belts, super VDO, outside sun visor etc

    1. Sanitation Vehicle

      1). Capacity: option 3-20m3 garbage truck. 2). Steering wheel: both left and right hand drive, meet the needs of different markets. 3). Emission standard: option Euro 1, Euro 2, Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5 garbage trucks.

    1. Tank Truck

      SINOTRUK HOWO 20cbm Oil tank truck for transport fuel is mainly used for oil derivatives (gasoline, diesel oil, lubricating oil and coal tar oil transportation and storage.

    1. Wrecker Truck

      Wrecker truck is also called tow truck, recovery truck, wrecker, road emergency vehicle, wrecker truck has the function of lifting, pulling and traction. Wrecker is mainly used for road failure vehicles, urban vehicles and emergency rescue and other viol.

    1. Freezer Truck

      The advantages of SINOTRUK Freezer Van Body Truck: 1). Howo 4x2 Refrigerator Truck is made of GRP and PU foam with all-closed structure that the GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic Fiber) outside; and PU foam in the core.

    1. Truck Mounted Crane

      HOWO Light Truck Mounted Crane has passed strict inspection from assembly to delivery. The crane with technical performance is one of the most popular crane transportation combination in the world, it can be in: 7-12 meters radius range of low-altitude lifting and rapid displacement.

    1. Water Drilling Rig Truck

      1)BZ600CHW SINOTRUK 600M water drilling rig truck is designed by our engineers. It is a kind of truck mounted and rotary drilling rig.2). The truck chassis adopts the special rig chassis of brand SINO-TRUK 8X4 and the main drive system, the transfer case, gearbox, double-winch unit, mud pump, rotarytable, drilling tower, feed mechanism are set up on the chassis.

    1. Chip Sealing Truck

      Vehicle model: ZZ1257M4641W
      GVW (kg): Appro× 25000
      Kerb weight (kg): Appro× 15670
      Overall dimensions (mm): 10250x2500x3650
      Fact loading capacity (L): 6000L+10000L

    1. Lowbed Trailer

      3 axle lowbed semi trailer use high strength steel material to ensure the capacity, the load can be up to 100 to 120 ton payload.
      We adopt famous brand parts, like WABCO braking valve, JOST legs, FUWA, BPW axles. This’ll ensure the long service life of the trailers.

    1. Flatbed Trailer

      3 Axle Flatbed Trailer adopts high strength steel material to manufacture the flatbed trailer, it can make the flatbed trailer have a higher loading capacity and a longer service life.

    1. Tanker Trailer

      The liquid tanker semi trailer used for carrying different liquids like fuel, petrol, water, palm oil, bitumen asphalt, etc. The material is carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum material. The volume of the fuel tankers transport semi-trailer can be customized, to reach 40,000 liters, 45,000 liters, 54,000 liters, up to 90,000 liters. With the different compartments, like two, three, four, or more compartments, to load different liquid.

    1. Dumper Trailer

      In civil engineering, the dump trailer often works in conjunction with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other construction machinery. The dump trailer carriage adopts rear-dump and side -dump self-unloading methods, which improves the efficiency of the bulk cargo transport by the loader.

    1. Cargo Trailer

      Cargo trailer is used for transportation of agricultural and sideline products and other bulk cargo. It can carry 60 tons cargo. Divided into Van box trailer, side wall, fence trailer.

    1. Skeleton Container Semi Trailer

      3 axle skeletal semi trailer is mainly used in ships, ports, routes, roads, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, matching multimodal logistics system.

    1. Logging Trailer

      Timber semi trailer is used for the log, timber, wood transportation. It can also transport containers.
      Flatbed semi trailer with stakes meets all requirements of the timber industry regarding individual securing, high payload and flexible transport technology.

    1. 3T Wheel Loader

      1. Very large space, whole vision cab suspension seat, relaxed and comfortable new mode of operation. 2. Advanced and reliable engine, fuel consumption is lower and lower emissions.

    1. 2T Backhoe Loader

      Max. Digging Depth: 2600mm
      Max. Digging Height: 4050mm
      Max. Digging Radius: 4100mm
      Bucket Capacity: 0.2m³
      Loading Bucket Capacity: 1.1m³
      Working Times: 4-7times/min

    1. Self-contained Concrete Mixer

      Automatic feeding mixer|self-loading concrete mixer truck,with drum capacity from 1.5CBM, 2.6CBM, 3.0CBM, 3.5CBM, 4CBM, and 5CBM, only need 12 minutes for one tank, one small concrete mixer truck can work high efficiently without wheel loaders, mixers, delivery truck, generator set or water truck, 270 degree rotation. Mixing as much as you need, and producing 5 tank within one hour.



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