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Truck Mounted Crane

The truck-mounted crane is a device that realizes the lifting and rotation of goods through a hydraulic lifting and telescopic system. It is usually assembled on a truck. Mainly used for various loading and unloading, installation and lifting operations, especially suitable for field lifting, rescue operations and operations in narrow places. Truck mounted cranes are widely used in the hoisting and transportation of municipal construction, coal mine engineering, landscaping and other infrastructure materials and other equipment. Small truck-mounted cranes are usually light truck truck-mounted cranes (including blue cards) with a rated load of less than 5 tons. The size of the cargo box is between 3-5 meters, and 2-4 tons of cranes can be selected.

As a professional manufacturer of truck-mounted cranes, the annual production and sales of various types of truck-mounted cranes are tens of thousands of units, which are sent to all parts of the country and exported overseas. The price of truck-mounted cranes is favorable. Welcome to leave a message online to consult and order.