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Sanitation Vehicle

The main product of Sinotruk is heavy duty trucks. In addition, it also focuses on the production and sales of special purpose vehicles, such as sanitation trucks and garbage trucks. Contact us to get the latest professional product parameters, real-time quotations, and market conditions.

At present, the collection of urban domestic waste is faced with many difficulties such as scattered collection points, limited quantity, and difficulty in collection, which makes the cleanliness of urban environmental sanitation cannot be guaranteed. Obviously, this situation is constantly improving. With the gradual progress of garbage classification, urban sanitation equipment is also constantly being upgraded and updated, and professional garbage trucks dedicated to handling various types of garbage are emerging one after another.
For an urban sanitation vehicle, the configuration of 8X4 chassis, Sinotruk MCY11 axle, 340 horsepower engine and 10-speed manual gearbox is undoubtedly quite powerful. The powerful power output and load capacity are typical of this urban sanitation vehicle. feature.
This urban detachable closed garbage truck product is a garbage transport vehicle used in conjunction with a compression garbage station. When the vehicle is docked with the compression box of the station, it can achieve more automated operation and higher operating efficiency. Of course, this kind of urban garbage transfer vehicle also has very obvious advantages. Compared with the previous traditional garbage truck, this vehicle has a higher degree of automation, which can realize the sealed transportation of garbage and effectively prevent the pollution of garbage to people and the environment. Improving the transport efficiency of vehicles has obvious advantages in terms of safety, energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency.
With the continuous development of waste classification pilot projects across the country, urban sanitation transportation equipment is constantly being updated synchronously. Although the transport forms, operation methods and uses are different, the intelligent, automated and efficient characteristics of equipment are the development trend of the entire industry. I believe that more new equipment will appear in our lives in the future.

As a professional truck manufacturer, Sinotruk's main products include compression garbage trucks, hanging bucket garbage trucks, self-loading and unloading garbage trucks, hook-arm garbage trucks, swing arm garbage trucks, and sealed dumping garbage trucks. There are many kinds of garbage trucks.