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Tractor Truck

SINOTRUK produced China's first heavy truck in 1960 and is the largest heavy truck manufacturing and export base in China. With more than 48,000 employees, SINOTRUK manufactures heavy trucks, medium trucks, light trucks, buses, special purpose trucks and military trucks. The main products include Sinotruk dump truck, tractor/trailer truck, cargo truck, concrete mixer truck.
Tractor trucks or tractor heads are articulated vehicles made up of a traction motor and a trailer with a certain load capacity. The tractor and the trailer are separable elements, so that the latter can first be used as a means to tow other trailers or vice versa. According to the type of connection between the tractor and the trailer, two classifications can be given: full trailer or semi trailer. A full trailer is a trailer that is supported by a front and rear axle and is pulled by a tow bar. On the other hand, the semi trailer does not have a front axle so it is directly supported by the tractor.

Sinotruk Howo Tractor truck is famous for tough, strong, reliable and low operation cost, HOWO tractor head truck has earned a great reputation in the field of long-distance transportation in both China domestic market and overseas market. It has been tested by plenty of transporters and received popular recognition. HOWO tractor truck is widely used in dry cargo transportation, container transportation, abnormal transportation, hazardous chemical transports, and other relative industries.